Most third-party plug-ins designed for Mozilla/Netscape will also work with K-Meleon. These include:

  • Sun's JavaPlugin
  • Adobe's FlashPlugin
  • !RealNetworks' RealPlayerPlugin
  • Adobe Systems' AcrobatReaderPlugin
  • CosmoPlayerPlugin
  • QuickTimePlugin
  • WindowsMediaPlayerPlugin for Netscape
  • GetRightPlugin for Netscape

Most of the time you can follow the Mozilla instructions in | Mozilla & Netscape 7.1 Plugin support on Microsoft Windows, but some plug-ins try to detect what browser they are really used by. This causes problems since K-Meleon is neither Netscape nor Mozilla. The Mozilla Firebird Browser has the same problem which has been carefully [documented |]. Use those instructions when needed.

|K-Meleon specific tips are available from the site.

See also the page "[ Third-party plugins in K-Meleon | ]", by Andres Aule.

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