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(Tutorial by Brian ([bst82551 |]))%%%
!!! Configuring Your Proxy Settings%%%
!! Information About Proxies's [definition of proxy |] is as follows:%%%
''n. pl. prox·ies''%%%
'' 1. A person authorized to act for another; an agent or substitute.'' %%%
'' 2. The authority to act for another.'' %%%
'' 3. The written authorization to act in place of another.''" %%%
Using a proxy server has several advantages involved including:%%%

  • No learning curve over normal web browsing
  • Anonymity
  • More secure if an authentication scheme is involved

!!Configuring Your Proxy Settings in K-Meleon
1. Start K-Meleon if you haven't already. %%%
2. You need to find a proxy first. If you already know which proxy you will be using, then go ahead and skip to step 3. Either search for a [proxy list |] or use my [personal favorite |] to find a nice anonymous or transparent proxy server. If possible, find one in your own country.%%%
3. Go to (Edit > Preferences > Proxy) or (Tools > Preferences > Proxy) depending upon which version of K-Meleon you're using. You should see something very similar to the following: %%%
4. Go the web page you were at with all of the proxies. Copy the "IP address" or "Name" (should look something similar to Paste it into the field directly to the right of "HTTP:". Copy the port number and paste it into the Port box. The end result should look similar to the following image:%%%
5. Click "OK" and browse anonymously. %%%
!! Extra Info
If, for some reason, your proxy does not work, just follow these steps but use a different proxy server. Remember you get better a better response when the proxy is in your country.

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